Customer: vernmental Authority

Drones For City Monitoring

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NGN group has equipped the drone fleet with an advanced software for better drone flight planning and control.

The software allows to set up live video broadcast of captured data from a flying drone to a command center. The UAV software integration gives the authority a clear and detailed picture of city emergencies, significantly improves the control of a situation and decreases response time of emergency services.

UAVs, able to fly up to 500 m high, broadcast live video (for up to 40 minutes) to the command center, where the video footage is instantly monitored, and then the team is able to decide which actions should be taken and whether the involvement of other emergency services is needed.

Drones monitoring is crucial in adverse conditions (e.g. low visibility or severe weather conditions), dangerous and hard-to-reach areas (road accidents and traffic congestions, fires, landslides, etc). Drones have a flexible configuration of work scenarios, which makes their management flexible and adaptive to the operator.