Customer: Bahrain Investment Wharf

AR app for architectural models

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The customer needed to reduce transportation costs for a bulky architecture mock-up for the Gulf International Industry Fair (February 2018).

NGN developed an AR mobile app featuring a virtual copy of a 6x4 m real-life mock-up. The app supports virtual object zoom and rotation. The project took two weeks and provided exhibition attendees with the opportunity to review the customer’s products,  view three-dimensional images of land plots, factory sites and warehouses, among other properties using their mobile devices and the app with a smaller-size (2x2m) model version with special tags.

“We have been working to enhance the level of operational performance within BIW, ultimately enhancing our support of the development of Bahrain’s industrial sector. The beauty of this AR application, is that its benefits are extended to each and every tenant of BIW, and for that matter the greater public. By simply downloading the application from iTunes or the Play Store, the BIW masterplan is at your fingertips in all its 3D glory. Each of our classification zones are clearly labelled, navigation routes within BIW are illustrated, and businesses are highlighted.” Mr. Abdulla Alabbasi, Director of Technical Affairs at BIW

BIW was established as a comprehensively managed and serviced model industrial destination, dedicated to creating a favorable business environment that houses a diverse group of local, regional and international businesses.  The 1.7 million square meter industrial city is located in the heart of the Salman Industrial Area, and provides a range of pre-serviced plots for industrial, logistical, commercial and residential use.