Health & Safety Trainings

For many manufacturing, energy, petrochemical, and oil & gas companies, NGN’s health and safety VR/AR Training Simulations are enablers of efficient emergency and operational trainings and safety drills.

  • Emulate real-life processes to practice emergency situations in a safe environment
  • Increase retention rate of critical knowledge of staff up to 75%
  • Assess errors and risks of personnel in controlled VR environment

VR training is a truly customizable solution: a hazardous situation is simulated on an actual site and personnel masters emergency actions in near real-life conditions.


These trainings have already proven to be more effective than conventional classes in terms of trainee experience and material retention.


VR training is a better, cheaper, and easily scalable solution allowing for distant employee trainings and regular knowledge assessments.

VR Training Simulations

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VR Courses: From Modelling To Vr/Ar App Building

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