Exhibiting Solutions

We are specialists in comprehensive VR projects, which help solving complex business tasks far beyond advertising and marketing, where VR and AR have become a common practice. Interactive and animated 3D models powered by virtual and augmented reality help increase the potential of any advertising campaign and attract audiences more efficiently.

Cooperation with industry leaders allows us to leverage the most advanced technologies and offer each customer a product ideally meeting its needs.


NGN International creates 3D models of any complexity and with any degree of detail. 3D models can be simulated in VR and AR on different devices.

Mobile Devices (3D/AR apps)

Projection Screens

Interactive Screens

Holographic Systems

VR Headset (including a multiuser one)

VR Showrooms


Personal VR Headset

  • Headset and joystick controllers for fully-immersive experience
  • User can move inside a virtual site and interact with the environment and objects
  • Designed for individual demonstration, while the headset image can be displayed on a large screen
  • Perfect tool for enterprise presentations to partners, virtual tours through production facilities and production process demonstration
  • Free Ipad Mockup

AR/3D Mobile Applications

NGN International develops custom 3D and AR apps for mobile devices and touchscreens in line with a customer's specific tasks.

  • Property demonstrations
  • Training scenarios
  • Event applications
  • Equipment showcase
  • Img Digital Museum

Digital Museum

For museums, we offer an interactive photorealistic tour technology leveraging a VR headset for a full immersion. Experience you get will outmatch the real-life visit.

Affecting Experience

Virtual museum technology revolutionizes conventional user experience, allowing people to visit a museum any time without queues and view artifacts at any angles, including from the top.


A museum can expand its exhibition by adding fragile and therefore usually hidden artifacts, since many such artifacts may be shown in VR/AR. Digital copies cannot be destructed and will persist even if the original is destroyed.


Digital museum is open to anybody, anywhere, and anytime.


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