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Artificial Intelligence

NGN International has a unique experience in creating customized AI-based solutions, already battle-proven in business process optimization and routine automation, where AI performs faster and better than a human.


Video analytics: Labor and security policy observance by employees are supervised in real time.

Object search: After an image is exported to a specialized app, a user obtains information about objects of similar type, design, color, or texture from a company’s catalog.

Video transmission quality control: Customer obtains the best-quality product thanks to AI analyzing streamed video and collecting information about deviations from a guideline in real time.

E-document management: AI recognizes and digitizes paper documents and compares e-copy to its original document.

Image processing: AI saves photographer's time by processing photos for a catalog. A user exports a photo to an app, and AI then removes background, crops the image, and adds shadows.

Due diligence of objects: Different processes, such as vehicle trade-in, are dramatically improved. Experts take photos at predefined angles, export them to the app, and AI then analyzes and generates an opinion on the vehicle condition.

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