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Access control & attendance

Contactless Access Control and Atendance system based on face recognition technology allows for real-time identification of an entering person and checking if such person is authorized to enter a specific premise. It is a real-time managed service, which extracts important information from a video stream and transmits it to enterprise systems or directly to a user.

  • High accuracy of check-in/out
  • Check-in/out (face recognition) in less than a second
  • Unnoticeable control over employee time & attendance
  • Dress code control

The system compares CCTV data to the data stored in the system database. Security personnel are instantly alerted to any violation attempt. In addition, video analytics is helpful in managing timesheets, maintaining personnel and visitor databases, archiving system events, etc.

Company’s management gain valuable insight into employee attendance with the help of various custom reports with a large set of filters.

  • Employees activity analysis
  • Attendance statistics
  • Dress code control

Smart Visitor Management

Whether you operate a multi-story building or a large campus, easily manage a large flow of visitors and secure your premises while keeping the comfort of your guests as the top priority.

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