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Why SOC by NGN International?

24/7 Security Operation Center


Detect, respond, prevent, and predict the most advanced security incidents 24/7

  • DoS / DDoS attacks
  • Malware
  • Network intrusions and data theft
  • Botnet activity
  • Fraudulent online resources
  • Online banking frauds and mobile banking security threats
  • Phishing and trademark infringement
Security Operations Center as a Service is a subscription-based service that detects, responds, prevents, and predicts the most advanced security incidents 24/7:

Real-time event monitoring, analysis and classification

Proactive incident management

Regulatory compliance and investigation

Why SOC by NGN International?
Trusted by INTERPOL & Europol
Streamlined Processes
1st and 2nd line support engineers and Analyst team in GCC
24/7 Security Operation Center

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In addition to streamlined general processes, we can develop any specific process upon the requirements of our customers in Bahrain and all Gulf Region.

Customer-specific processes

  • Fraud Detection Processes
  • Unlawful Activity Detection Processes
  • Change Management Process
  • Data disclosure detection Processes
  • Devices On-boarding Process

General processes

  • SOC Monitoring Process
  • SOC Incident Management Process
  • Evidence Management Process
  • Threat Intelligence Process
  • Reporting Process
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1st and 2nd line support in Bahrain

24/7 team of qualified local professionals who know specifics of Gulf Region, local threats and vulnerabilities.

NGN SOC team comprises 1st and 2nd lines analysts, analyst in charge with intelligence info, engineers and admins who help integrate processes and equipment.

Depending on customer requirements and level of security event, analyst team notifies customer by email, phone call and build-in ticket with all necessary information. All security events can be easily integrated with any kind of customer SIEM.

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