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Proactive Anti-fraud

We help our customers to catch any threat with a full stack of anti-fraud technologies.

  • Behavioral analytics (UEBA)
  • Advanced Device Fingerprinting
  • Clientless Malware Detection
  • Global User Profiling
  • Cross-Channel Analytics

Unlike traditional anti-fraud that analyzes transactions, our algorithms start working right from sign-in step to detect dangerous activities before the fraud is executed. Combining several technologies, we can detect threats being invisible to traditional anti-fraud, for example:

  • money laundering
  • social engineering
  • account takeover
  • credit fraud
  • auto account creation and automated actions
  • bot activity actions
  • identity theft
  • usage of anonymizers and aggregators
  • cross-client attacks
  • Trojans (including mobile and web fakes)
  • unsanctioned remote access
  • web injects («man-in-the-browser» attacks)
  • brute force
  • web scraping etc.

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