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NGN International provides a wide variety of solutions for cybersecurity control and empowerment. We guarantee the highest quality of our services and always offer the most suitable solutions for our clients.

Choosing our expertise, you get:

  • Our full involvement and attention to your needs
  • International experts, using best cybersecurity practices to achieve your goals
  • Detailed reports and recommendations
  • Further support
Our Services
NGN cybersecurity consulting

Consultancy Services for implementation of ISO 27001 constitute in improving the existing information security assurance and management practices, which will meet your current IT infrastructure automation level and condition, effective legislation governing, and applicable best practices, which will be optimal for key information assets in view of the risks they are exposed to.

SWIFT is the pillar of the modern banking system, which helps banks to conduct safe financial transactions. We are the first Bahrain company carrying out SWIFT Audit in our home country. Our service includes preparation of audit plan and document review, audit of SWIFT security controls.

  • SWIFT infrastructure elements identifying network segment, including operators and administrator workstations, servers and network devices, SWIFT-related software
  • Performing document review, conducting interviews and security settings review according to the audit plan
  • Gathering information about business processes, technical and operational security measures in SWIFT environment
  • Audit Security Controls

As any other security control, SOC requires constant effectiveness and efficiency assessment for objective understanding of security operations current state and planning future development and improvement efforts. Based on own experience in security operations and considering modern security best practices, NGN propose Security Operations Center assessment service that allows to measure SOC’s capability maturity.

SIEM Architecture Review & Optimization – a review of the existing configuration of the SIEM system, collect requirements from Customer’s representatives, and provide Customer with recommendations for optimizing and supplementing the system settings. Service includes SIEM configuration assessment, determination of required analytics, correlation rules as well as event sources, system fine-tuning and support.

IT Security auditing and improvement recommendation development. Main service provision goal is to evaluate “as is” state of IS in technical systems and construction of “to be” state of IS of technical systems.

To achieve these goals, the following tasks shall be solved during the service provision:

  • Survey critical assets and systems
  • Systematization of the obtained data into survey protocols and schemes
  • Describe existing services, critical assets, their relations, and architecture
  • Analyze of the correctness of the architecture and configurations of the available information security means

The goal of the service is to provide independent assessment of the current cybersecurity posture. IT/OT Cybersecurity Assessment Service will allow organizations to:

  • Understand the cybersecurity risks and threats and focus on improving the corresponding security processes;
  • Evaluate the current ICS cybersecurity posture and effectiveness of implemented security controls;
  • Develop measures to improve the ICS cybersecurity mechanisms.

Contact NGN security experts for detailed information about consultancy and professional services.

Contact NGN security experts for detailed information about consultancy and professional services.
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