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Сybersecurity Сonsulting

NGN International provides a wide variety of consultancy services for cybersecurity controls and hardening. We guarantee the highest quality of services and project management, while always ensuring the most suitable solutions for our clients.

How NGN can help?

  • Consultancy: Providing a comprehensive consultancy service to ensure proper implementation of such frameworks to meet and fulfill the framework's requirements.
  • GAP Assessment: Conducting gap assessments to determine the current status of the organization's practices versus certain framework\s to define the area of improvements, and the actions needed to be implemented to meet the objective.
  • Documentation: Preparing the required documentation needed as per the implemented frameworks.
  • Training: Providing awareness training on such frameworks to raise awareness on their requirements and how to implement them using the best practices & solutions.
  • Internal Auditing: Conduct internal audits for such frameworks to determine the level of implementation and areas of improvement.
  • Certification Audit Advisory (Applicable only for ISO frameworks): Providing the support needed during the certification audits.  
  • Cyber and Information Security Engineers Outsourcing: As an experienced and mature managed security service provider, NGN International offers high-quality resources full-time at the client premise with a wide range of backgrounds in GRC and information security. The outsourced engineers are supported by NGN’s 24x7 SOC/NOC operations where additional skillsets are required to complete the tasks and duties.

Choosing our expertise, you get:

  • Our full involvement and attention to your needs
  • International experts, using best cybersecurity practices to achieve your goals
  • Detailed reports and recommendations
  • Further support
NGN cybersecurity consulting

  • Information Security Frameworks (CBB, NIST, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System)
  • Business Continuity Framework (ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System)
  • Sustainability\Environmental Framework (ISO 14001 Environmental Management System) 
  • Health & Safety Framework (ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System) 
  • Quality Framework (ISO 9001 Quality Management System)

NGN provides you with full fledge of consultancy services to align your organizational processes and practices with the world best practices and to keep your organization complied with the regulations & frameworks they want to implement, including the following:

  • CBB Rulebook: Center Bank of Bahrain Rulebook - Information & Cyber Security
  • NIST CSF: National Institution for Standards and Technology - Cyber Security Framework
  • PCI-DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • PDPL: Personal Data Protection Law 

IT Security auditing and improvement recommendation development. Main service provision goal is to evaluate “as is” state of IS in technical systems and construction of “to be” state of IS of technical systems.

To achieve these goals, the following tasks shall be solved during the service provision:

  • Survey critical assets and systems
  • Systematization of the obtained data into survey protocols and schemes
  • Describe existing services, critical assets, their relations, and architecture

The goal of the service is to provide independent assessment of the current cybersecurity posture. IT/OT Cybersecurity Assessment Service will allow organizations to:

  • Understand the cybersecurity risks and threats and focus on improving the corresponding security processes;
  • Evaluate the current ICS cybersecurity posture and effectiveness of implemented security controls;
  • Develop measures to improve the ICS cybersecurity mechanisms.

Contact NGN security experts for detailed information about consultancy and professional services.

Contact NGN security experts for detailed information about consultancy and professional services.
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