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Network Security

Shield corporate information resources from intrusion and data theft and provide secure information exchange within business ecosystem.

Deception technologies

Deception technology products can detect and defend against advanced attacks even in real time. This technology automates the creation of traps (decoys) which are mixed among and within existing IT resources to provide a layer of protection to stop attackers. Decoys are designed to trick the cybercriminal into thinking they have discovered a way to escalate privileges and steal credentials.

Once a trap is triggered, notifications are broadcast to a centralized server that records the affected decoy and the attack vectors that were used by the cybercriminal.

Deception technology enables a more proactive security posture by seeking to deceive the attackers, detect them and then defeat, allowing the enterprise to return to normal operations. The aim of deception technology is to prevent a cybercriminal that has managed to infiltrate a network from doing any significant damage.

DDoS prevention

To ensure continuity of our customers’ online resources and infrastructure, we have a complex DDoS attack mitigation solution.

NGN’s DDoS prevention strategy:

  • Continuous traffic analysis
  • Alerting to probable attacks
  • Redirected traffic receiving, cleaning and returning to customers

Our solution detects attacks as quickly as possible. Furthermore, our threat intelligence experts are constantly monitoring the DDoS threat landscape, working to identify planned attacks. All together, our protection methods effectively neutralize the DDoS attack: our customers’ business remains fully functional and unharmed.

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