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IT Infrastructure Security

Malware protection

For cybercriminals, endpoints and users are still the main target – but today’s threats are sidestepping traditional security measures, disrupting business-critical processes, damaging productivity and increasing operating costs.

NGN International delivers a malware protection solution that can protect our customers’ PCs from all kinds of malicious software, and safely remove any infections without data loss. We help enterprises to detect, investigate and respond to any threat.

  • Automated threat identification and response, without business disruption
  • Security improvement

Establishment of unified and effective Threat Hunting, Incident Management and Response processes

Protection against advanced persistent threats (APT)

Advanced persistent threats (APT) are one of the most dangerous cybersecurity threats. APTs are high-level attacks combining many techniques. Attackers use top spyware, penetration tools (spear-phishing emails, exploits etc.), network propagation mechanisms, tools for concealment (root/boot kits) etc.

Once APTs penetrate your system, they will continue to export your sensitive data, and it may be self-perpetuating and last for months.

The bitter truth about APTs is that no single solution will protect your IT infrastructure all round. In our protection solution, we combine prevention, mitigation and vigilance methods. To combat APTs attacks, you need a comprehensive armor consisting of multiple layers of security working together 24/7/365, and special tools for the prevention, detection, blocking, and investigation of an intruder’s actions.

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