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Data Protection

Data loss prevention (DLP)

Data loss prevention (DLP) software is a set of tools and processes used to detect potential data breaches and prevent them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data. The causes are different, from insider threats and extrusion by attackers to unintentional or negligent data exposure.

Types of DLP technologies:

  • DLP for data in use (endpoint actions)
  • DLP for data in motion (network traffic)
  • DLP for data at rest (data storage)

DLP Benefits:

  • Protect personally identifiable information and comply with regulations
  • Protect intellectual property of the organization
  • Achieve data visibility in large organizations
  • Secure mobile workforce and enforce security
  • Secure data in remote cloud systems

Data classification, document labelling

The first step to protect unstructured data is to classify it. The greatest risk to data security is an accidental data loss from within the organization. We introduce a new security tool that enables organizations and companies to set an internal document management with the aim to protect confidential information and prevent data leakage. Information is classified according to its value for the company, legal requirements, its criticality, confidentiality etc.

  • Protect the confidentiality of corporate information
  • Automate the process of classification
  • Educate employees to classify documents correctly
  • Label the document with right classification markand data stores

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