Online meetup “Make online payments safe again” April 27, 10.00 am


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Global cyber security providers have detected a serious uprise in the number of fraudulent activities recently. No surprise: whereas online operations and payments are in their greatest demand and cash operations are on their minimum, online banking users became one and only target for frauds.

On April 27, Pavel Melnichenko, Chief Technology Officer at Airome, will explain how to make transactions confirmations on mobile phone convenient and secure. Also, Tim Bobak, MEA Director at Group-IB, will give a deep-dive into implementing an effective digital anti-fraud strategy and how this can be used to enhance traditional transactional approaches to stopping theft from customers.

The guests of the meetup will receive online trial access to PayConfirm, a mobile transaction authentication signature platform, and Secure Bank, a client-side fraud and attack prevention system (remote configuration of the system will be included).

We will discuss how to

  • balance security and user experience in Digital Banking
  • help your clients safely proceed with operations in digital
  • provide bank clients with fast and secured online transactions
  • identify online banking frauds and thefts before they occur

You will also receive answers on TOP-10 questions about Fraud Protection for online banking users. Send your questions until April 26 00:00 →

The online meetup will be most interesting for: 

  • Management of Banking institutions and payment processing companies
  • CIO and their deputies, IT directors, cyber security managers and analysts
  • Chief Risk Officers and their deputies, risk managers
  • CEO
  • Chief Digital Transformation Officers

Register for the online meetup at here and connect on April 27 at 10.00 am Bahrain time zone.

Duration of the meetup is 1h 20 min.