NGN organizes webinar on promoting awareness of cyberattacks in Bahrain



NGN International, a full-fledged systems integrator and IT consultant, organized a webinar on promoting the awareness of electronic fraud operations in Bahrain and preventing cyberattacks.

This webinar comes within the framework of NGN’s partnership with the Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) to promote awareness of electronic fraud in Bahrain, and inline the campaign of Bahrain Association of Banks entitled (#Be_Careful), and NGN Majlis’ activities to address the various fields of cybersecurity.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO at NGN International, stated that the significance of this webinar comes at a time when cyberattacks are increasing and cybercriminals are using electronic fraud to steal the data of their victims from companies, organizations, and individuals. He warned against impersonation attacks which contain links pointing to legitimate websites that are often used by organizations, stressing the importance of individuals and companies taking all necessary measures to avoid cybercrimes.

“Cybersecurity was one of the areas that were severely affected by the Corona pandemic, as there is sharp growth of the quantity of counterfeit and phishing sites, availability of the specialized malware, and also increase in cases of unauthorized use of a recognizable brand on the Internet. The health sector was a major target during the pandemic, as cybercriminals used it for extortion, obtaining ransoms, espionage, and stealing intellectual property related to the Coronavirus, such as studies and vaccinations.” Mr. Al Awadhi said.

Speakers in the webinar from inside and outside Bahrain reviewed the working mechanism of the “NGN SOC” in particular, which is the first integrated center for cybersecurity services in Bahrain, and works around the clock to provide unprecedented protections for the information systems of various government and private organizations, institutions, and banks, by following proactive monitoring approach, and detect and prevent any cyberattacks. 


“NGN SOC” provides its services to all sectors within Bahrain and in the Middle East region, and provides 24/7 cybersecurity, and offers the necessary protection for customers’ systems using highly advanced and updated tools.

Ms. Amna Al-Madhoob, a Senior Information Security Analyst at Bank ABC, spoke about the composition and mechanism of (SOC) by clarifying the various aspects and features of cybersecurity applications in institutions, and the mechanism of preventing cyberattacks. She explained the services provided by SOC centers and stressed the need to subject cyberattacks to research and study to prepare the best ways to prevent them and to understand the mentality of the cybercriminals, and their goals.