NGN hosts CISO forum for Cybersecurity leadership and strategy


CISO Forum Bahrain

NGN International, a full-fledged systems integrator and IT consultant based in Bahrain will host CISO Forum which is an executive forum focused on cybersecurity leadership and strategy.

The forum will discuss the ever-changing field of executive information security management, and topics focus on leadership, strategic management, innovation, and cutting-edge solutions to the challenges of leading information security programs in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Several speakers in this forum from inside and outside Bahrain will review several topics, including the post-pandemic state of Cybersecurity, new regulations and compliance and what opportunities did the new regulation offer, Collective security and transparency in the market, and Cybersecurity associations, groups, and collaboration platforms. This is part of the “NGN Majlis” for Cyber Security Awareness.

“This forum keeps pace with the great changes that occurred in the field of information and cybersecurity during and after the pandemic, and sheds light on the most important and latest practices around the world in this field, and how to localize and effectively apply them in Bahrain.” According to Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN International.

Al Awadhi affirmed that there is great demand for senior security professionals that really understand how to balance system integrity, confidentiality, and availability in line with business priorities.

“The forum is expected to come up recommendations on how to integrate more Bahraini competencies into the information and cybersecurity industries, as well as what programs, courses, and certificates they require, as well as how to improve their technical expertise, competitiveness, and ability to obtain rewarding job opportunities.” Al Awadhi concluded.