NGN Hosts Annual Ramadan Gathering for Customers


Group Photo

"NGN" a leading Bahraini IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company, recently held its annual Ramadan gathering at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel to honor its valued customers.

The event brought together a multitude of clients spanning various sectors including finance, banking, industry, healthcare, services, and commerce. Notably, the occasion was organized in collaboration with NGN's strategic partners, " Nintex " and " Dynatrace."

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, the CEO of NGN, underscored the company's commitment to organizing this exclusive gathering, aimed at nurturing robust communication channels with its esteemed patrons. He emphasized the significance of uniting employees and customers as an indivisible family, driven by a collective passion for excellence. Moreover, he affirmed that the event served as a fertile ground for the exchange of innovative ideas and strategic proposals, essential for elevating performance standards and solidifying NGN's preeminent position in the industry.

Mr. Al Awadhi commented, "NGN celebrates its customers in appreciation of their pivotal role, unwavering efforts, and exceptional cooperation over the years. Their increasing contribution has significantly enhanced our performance, fostering progress and prosperity within the spirit of unity. This celebration sends a resounding message of support for the pivotal role these esteemed companies play in perpetuating NGN's success and positioning it as a leader in both the Bahraini and global information security services market."

Mr. Al Awadhi affirmed the company's commitment to nurturing its relationships with customers, partners, and employees, recognizing and honoring their invaluable contributions. He attributed the company's continued progress and global achievements to their collective efforts.

Highlighting the company's ongoing commitment, Mr. Al Awadhi reaffirmed its promise to provide exceptional services amidst the ever-evolving field of technological progress and cybersecurity complexities. Additionally, he underscored the company's steadfast focus on furnishing cutting-edge and trustworthy security solutions, ensuring the protection of customers' digital assets while striving to meet their goals with maximum efficacy.