Bahrain destined to be region’s leading ICT center: Al Awadhi



Information technology expert Yaqoob Al Awadhi indicated a convenient opportunity for the Kingdom to become an advanced center in the field of industry, development, programming, and application of information systems in the region, depending on its national cadres that has the ability to learn and innovate.

He elaborated that Bahrain has the adequate ICT infrastructure, advanced legislation, and the presence of financial resources to ensure Bahrain’s dominance in regional and even global competition. “There is increasing demand locally and regionally for these technologies and we anticipate high expectations for their revenues to grow significantly.” He said.

Al Awadhi added that Bahrain was able at one point to embrace the financial banking industry and develop it until it became a pioneer in this field, and it can also be the leader in the field of robotics industry whose market size is estimated at billions of dollars around the world. He stated: “As Bahrain moves towards digital transformation and building a knowledge economy, advanced information systems appear as one of the most essential features of the 4th industrial revolution. We can reproduce advanced technologies in AI, robotics, big data, blockchains, biotechnology, nanotechnology, three-dimensional printing, and the Internet of things and utilize them in diverse sectors.”

Al Awadhi downplayed the fear of linking the expansion of using robots and the high level of unemployment, saying: “Robotics industry provides qualitative job opportunities for Bahrainis in the fields of programming, AI, and others. Modern technologies will impose themselves into our business either we approve it or not, and it is more proper for us to be proactive in benefiting from them and integrating them into our lives and encourage our youth to deal with.”

He emphasized the significance of directing more Bahraini youth to study robotics as one of the fundamental disciplines of the future, with a particular focus on females to reduce the employment gap between them and their male counterparts, noting that robotics represent a branch of science that is witnessing unparalleled development and growth and is foreseen to be extremely required in the labor market in the future.

“We urge for the establishment of an incubator or business accelerator in Bahrain dedicated to advanced information technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics, as these new technologies provide entrepreneurs with innovative ways to add value to their activities and open a new era for emerging companies.” Al Awadhi added.

Al Awadhi, who is the CEO of “NGN International,” a full-fledged systems integrator and IT consultant headquartered in Bahrain, explained that the primary task for information systems or the automation of procedures and business, in general, is to reduce the burden of carrying out tedious routine work on the employee, to develop the performance and productivity in the company, and to motivate him to innovation and creativity.

Al Awadhi also stated the smart information systems projects implemented by “NGN” for Bahraini corporations working in the fields of financial services, industry, energy, and others, noting the importance of what is called “digital employees” in developing the productivity, profitability, and competitiveness of their institutions.